This corpus of Singaporean English speech was recorded in 2016. Parents of children 0-6 years of age were asked to read an English language storybook as they would when interacting with their children. The goal was to elicit child-directed speech under different conditions, as cued by different versions of the storybook. Audio recordings were completed by BLIP Lab member Juanita Travers Kumar, under the guidance of Suzy J Styles.

Associated Pre-registrations:

• JJ Jerry Koh; Vanja Ković; Styles, Suzy J, 2019, "Preregistration Documents: Crossmodal influences between size and pitch in book reading for children In Singapore English",, DR-NTU (Data), V1

Associated Research Reports

• Juanita Travers Kumar (2017) Storytime: A pilot study on sound symbolism and child-directed speech, Final Year Project in Psychology, NTU. Supervisor: Suzy J Styles.

• JJ Jerry Koh (2019) Big Chilli and Small Mushroom: Crossmodal correspondence between pitch and size in child-directed speech in Singapore English. URECA Project in Psychology, NTU. Supervisor: Suzy J Styles.

Associated Pre-Prints & Publications

• Styles SJ, Travers Kumar J, Koh JJJ, Kovic V (in prep) Big chilis take longer to name: Iconicity modulates prosody for size but not shape when parents read storybooks aloud.

Associated Funding

• NTU Nanyang Assistant Professorship Start Up Grant to Styles SJ 'The Shape of Sounds in Singapore'

• NTU Undergraduate Research on Campus (URECA) Funding to JJ Jerry Koh.
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Jan 13, 2020
Styles, Suzy J; Travers Kumar, Juanita; Kovic, Vanja, 2020, "Leaf & Stone Corpus (Singapore 2016) Audio",, DR-NTU (Data), V1, UNF:6:dmhxhSKAdqqaI1hZczAT9w== [fileUNF]
Participants reading aloud from the experimental storybooks 'A Fine Day for a New Hat (Singapore English Version)' by Suzy J Styles, Jelena Sucevic & Vanja Kovic, adapted to Singaporean English by Juanita Travels Kumar.
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