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DR-NTU (Data) (Nanyang Technological University)

Deposit, archive and share your final research data in DR-NTU (Data)

DR-NTU (Data) is for research data deposit. For research paper deposits, please use DR-NTU.

According to the NTU Research Data Policy, the final research data from projects carried out at NTU shall be made available for sharing - via DR-NTU (Data) - unless there are prior formal agreements with external collaborators and parties on non-disclosure or proprietary use of the data.

Contact Research Data Management team, NTU Library if you need assistance or encounter issue in depositing your data.

DR-NTU (Data) Mission

DR-NTU (Data) curates, stores, preserves, makes available and enables the download of digital data generated by the NTU research community in various disciplines. The repository develops and provides guidance for managing, sharing, and reusing research data to promote responsible data sharing in support of open science and research integrity.

Deposit and publish data in DR-NTU (Data)

DR-NTU (Data) is open to NTU faculty, research staff and students.
Prior to deposit, familiarise yourself with DR-NTU (Data) Terms of Use, Restrictions and Licenses, and FAQs. The uploaded content must not infringe upon the copyrights or other intellectual property rights, not violate any laws, not contain software viruses, and must be void of all identifiable information.

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    Once you have your own dataverse, you can start adding datasets to it, by clicking ‘Add Data’ and select ‘New Dataset’.
    For research staff and students, you may want to deposit your datasets in an appropriate dataverse as advised by your School, Supervisors or Principal Investigators.

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May 5, 2021 - Patrick Williams
Williams, Patrick, 2021, "Identity authentication in Singapore's social media influencer culture",, DR-NTU (Data), V1
YouTube video created by Singapore influencer.
May 5, 2021 - Patrick Williams
Williams, Patrick; Chua, Puay Ru, 2021, "Identities and opportunities: A study of "amateur" and "professional" identities among people pursuing games-related careers in Singapore",, DR-NTU (Data), V1
Interviews with people pursuing games-related careers in Singapore during 2019-2020.
May 5, 2021 - Patrick Williams
Samuel Judah Lim Kye, 2021, "National Service Memes: Affective Resources for Meaning-making and Coping with Conscription in Singapore",, DR-NTU (Data), V1
Interviews with individuals who produce, consume, share NSMemes
Patrick Williams(Nanyang Technological University)
Patrick Williams logo
May 5, 2021School of Social Sciences (SSS)
Appointment: Associate Professor Research topics: • Symbolic interactionist tradition of sociology • A social-psychological perspective that foregrounds language and meaning as key dimensions of understanding the everyday life For more information, visit webpage
Apr 30, 2021 - Daming Zhao
Cheng, Liang; Sarkar, Tarapada; Lourembam, James; Tutchton, Roxanne; Motapathula, M.; Zhao, Daming; Zhu, Jian-Xin; Venkatesan, Thirumalai; Chia, Elbert E. M., 2021, "Replication Data for: Observation of interacting polaronic gas behavior in Ta-doped TiO2 thin films via terahertz time-domain spectroscopy",, DR-NTU (Data), V1
Replication data for this paper published in Appl. Phys. Lett. including raw data, processed data and figures. DOI: 10.1063/5.0022775
Apr 28, 2021 - Final Year Projects
Tiong, Jun Hua Ryan, 2021, "Crawled Data for: Open Source Cyber Incidents Intelligence Gathering",, DR-NTU (Data), V2, UNF:6:iPWj/OQ9OrMtgvwfypC1rg== [fileUNF]
As Theodore Roosevelt said, “The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.”. This quote cannot be more true in the realm of predictive analysis. Data about the past can be modelled on variables to explore relationships and predict future outcomes w...
Apr 28, 2021 - Nichols Robert Scott
Nichols Robert Scott; Patrick Martin; Molly A. Moynihan, 2021, "Related data for: Alkaline phosphatase activity in an equatorial coral reef ecosystem",, DR-NTU (Data), V1, UNF:6:dCqbWjT09AoEb0UpfhW5Ig== [fileUNF]
Data sets used in the publication "Nichols R. S., Moynihan. M. A., Martin P. (2021). Alkaline phosphatase activity in an equatorial coral reef ecosystem"
Apr 26, 2021 - Ren Xiao
Ren, Xiao, 2021, "Constructing an Adaptive Heterojunction as a Highly Active Catalyst for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction",, DR-NTU (Data), V1
Electrochemical water splitting is of prime importance to green energy technology. Particularly, the reaction at the anode side, namely the oxygen evolution reaction (OER), requires a high overpotential associated with OO bond formation, which dominates the energy-efficiency of...
Ren Xiao(Nanyang Technological University)
Ren Xiao logo
Apr 26, 2021School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)
Appointment: Research Fellow
Apr 23, 2021 - Social and Affective Neuroscience
Esposito, Gianluca; Cataldo, Ilaria; Bonassi, Andrea; Gabrieli, Giulio, 2021, "Related Data for: Serotonin Transporter Gene Polymorphisms and Maternal Overprotection Regulate Adult Social Expectations on Close Relationships",, DR-NTU (Data), V1, UNF:6:kKMLT2Qnamz0T2xp/oN8cA== [fileUNF]
Humans are evolutionary-driven to adult mating and conceive social expectations on the quality of their affiliations. The genetic susceptibility to adverse environments in critical periods can alter close relationships. The current research investigates how the promoter region of...
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