This dataverse is a collection of the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine’s research data.

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Tsukasa KAMIGAKI(Nanyang Technological University)
Tsukasa KAMIGAKI logo
May 3, 2024
Appointment: Assistant Professor Research topics: • Prefrontal cortex organization and the neural codes for executive function • Learning-related change in the neural circuits • Aging and psychiatric disorder model
XIA Yun(Nanyang Technological University)
XIA Yun logo
Mar 11, 2024
Appointment: Assistant Professor Research topics: • Early human embryonic kidney development • Validating the in vivo potential of human PSCs-derived kidney organoids by transplantation into mouse model • Using isogenic patient iPSCs-derived kidney organoids to model genetic poly...
Feb 29, 2024 - HAN Siew Ping
Han, Siew Ping, 2024, "Interprofessional collaboration (or lack thereof) between faculty and learning technologists in the creation of digital learning",, DR-NTU (Data), V1, UNF:6:ocgHzQd5lwJcPT31Q6hx6A== [fileUNF]
Data supporting publication
Feb 9, 2024 - Kaliya-Perumal Arun Kumar
Kaliya-Perumal, Arun Kumar, 2024, "Related data for: Genetic regulation of injury induced heterotopic ossification in adult zebrafish",, DR-NTU (Data), V1
Genome-wide bulk RNA sequencing (RNASeq) of contused muscle from the caudal peduncle region of zebrafish at four time points: No injury (Control), 24 hours after single injury (SI), 24 hours after multiple injuries (MI), and 5 days after multiple injuries (D5MI). Dataset contains...
Kaliya-Perumal Arun Kumar(Nanyang Technological University)
Feb 9, 2024
Appointment: PhD student
Jan 3, 2024 - HAN Siew Ping
Han, Siew Ping, 2024, "MOSH: An Online Tool for Real-Time Monitoring of Student Engagement",, DR-NTU (Data), V2, UNF:6:+/LuPsyTRNOnNmzd9me1dg== [fileUNF]
Dataset supporting findings in publication
HAN Siew Ping (Nanyang Technological University)
Jan 2, 2024
Appointment: Lecturer
Dec 1, 2023 - Tan Nguan Soon
Tan, Nguan Soon, 2023, "Relaxin treatment of liver fibrosis (SAF scoring)",, DR-NTU (Data), V1
Final research findings of the effect of relaxin on experimental mouse model of liver fibrosis.
Tan Nguan Soon(Nanyang Technological University)
Tan Nguan Soon logo
Dec 1, 2023
Appointment: Associate Professor, Metabolic Disorders and Vice Dean (Faculty Affairs), Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine Provost's Chair in Metabolic Disorders Associate Professor, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine Associate Professor, School of Biological Sciences Research topic...
Jul 20, 2023 - Josip Car
Car, Josip; Bojic, Iva; Liu, Jintana, 2023, "Efficacy and feasibility of a Human-AI sleep coaching model",, DR-NTU (Data), V1, UNF:6:Zj4KcMMGagFUCLCLMezYqg== [fileUNF]
This repository contains data and resources related to the study conducted to evaluate the efficacy and feasibility of a human-AI sleep coaching model, test the performance of the QA system, and build an extensive training dataset and perform text mining of recording conversation...
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