This corpus of Singaporean English speech was recorded in the NTU Psychology testing labs in 2019. Speakers were asked to order a bowl of Laksa in three different contexts, as cued by different visual prompts. The goal was to elicit speech that varied along the diglossic cline from Singapore Standard English to Singalish. Audio recordings were completed by BLIP Lab member M Asyraf Bin Mustaffa, under the guidance of Suzy J Styles and Woon Fei Ting.

Associated Pre-registrations:

• Bin Mustaffa MA; Styles, SJ, 2018, "Preregistration Documents: Ordering Laksa - Preregistered Design for Speech Elicitation in Singapore English Diglossia", DR-NTU (Data).

• Le TA & Styles SJ (2019) Syntactic cues that index utterances as Singapore Colloquial English. Open Science Framework.

Associated Research Reports

• Muhammad Asyraf Bin Mustaffa (2019) Ordering Laksa: A Pre-registered Study on Speech Elicitation in Singapore English Diglossia, Final Year Project in Psychology, NTU, 2019. Supervisor: Suzy J Styles.

Associated Funding

• NTU Nanyang Assistant Professorship Start Up Grant to Styles SJ

• NRF Science of Learning 'How do language mixes contribute to effective bilingualism and effective biliteracy'

TERMS: To gain access to the audio you must agree to the terms of the Growing Collection: Researchers must give their name and current research affiliations (school, university, or equivalent research organization). Recordings of voices must be treated with respect, and should not be presented in any context which might cause harm or embarrassment to the speaker. For example recordings should not be associated with assessments of racial prejudice, evaluations of likely criminality, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or any other sensitive material. Recordings should not be paired with distressing or unpleasant stimuli in another sensory domain (e.g., unpleasant pictures, unpleasant smells). No individual should be identified as ‘bad at’ any aspect of the task. Where Usernames have been given, Usernames must be presented alongside any vocal samples used as illustrations of method or results. For example, named or listed in the credits of a documentary; named in a digital file published as supplementary material in a journal article; or listed in live demonstrations (e.g., Presentation at academic conferences, Public science lectures).
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Jan 13, 2020
Styles, Suzy J; Bin Mustaffa, M Asyraf, 2020, "Laksa Corpus Audio Recordings",, DR-NTU (Data), V1
Audio recordings for the following preregistered study: Bin Mustaffa, MA & Styles SJ (2018), "Preregistration Documents: Ordering Laksa - Preregistered Design for Speech Elicitation in Singapore English Diglossia", DR-NTU (Data). Following the p...
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