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Oct 31, 2021
Jamaludin, Nur Fadilah, 2021, "Replication Data for: Molecular design of two-dimensional perovskite cations for efficient energy cascade in perovskite light-emitting diodes",, DR-NTU (Data), V1
Despite extensive reports on highly efficient perovskite light-emitting diodes, rules governing the design of suitable two-dimensional (2D) perovskite templating cation to facilitate formation of optimal emitter landscape for energy cascade remain largely elusive. With factors su...
Dec 17, 2020
Jamaludin, Nur Fadilah, 2020, "Replication Data for: White Electroluminescence from Perovskite–Organic Heterojunction",, DR-NTU (Data), V2
Despite extensive reports on red and green perovskite-based LEDs (PeLEDs), development of white PeLEDs remains limited by the low photoluminescence quantum yield of white-emitting perovskites and the undesired energy-transfer (ET) process occurring in multidomain Ruddlesden–Poppe...
Dec 17, 2020
Jamaludin, Nur Fadilah, 2020, "Replication Data for: Grain Size Modulation and Interfacial Engineering of CH3NH3PbBr3 Emitter Films through Incorporation of Tetraethylammonium Bromide",, DR-NTU (Data), V2
Metal halide perovskites have demonstrated breakthrough performances as absorber and emitter materials for photovoltaic and display applications respectively. However, despite the low manufacturing cost associated with solution‐based processing, the propensity for defect formatio...
Dec 17, 2020
Jamaludin, Nur Fadilah, 2020, "Replication Data for: Perovskite templating via a bathophenanthroline additive for efficient light-emitting devices",, DR-NTU (Data), V2
Identified as emerging light absorbers due to their plethora of unique optoelectronic properties, perovskites have also been touted as a promising candidate for light emission. However, despite the effortless transition of perovskites into the current organic light-emitting diode...
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