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Mar 18, 2021
Lin, Xihong; Wu, Bo; Ning, Weihua; Feng, Minjun; Xu, Qiang; Gao, Feng; Sum, Tze Chien; Zhou, Guofu, 2021, "Replication Data for: Effect of Alloying on the Dynamics of Coherent Acoustic Phonons in Bismuth Double Perovskite Single Crystals",, DR-NTU (Data), V1
The bismuth double perovskite Cs2AgBiBr6 has been regarded as a potential candidate for lead-free perovskite photovoltaics. A detailed study on the coherent acoustic phonon dynamics in the pure, Sb- and Tl-alloyed Cs2AgBiBr6 single crystals is performed to understand the effects...
Mar 18, 2021
Krisnanda, Tanjung; Zhang, Qiannan; Dini, Kevin; Giovanni, David; Liew, Timothy C. H.; Sum, Tze Chien, 2021, "Replication Data for: Room Temperature Light-Mediated Long-Range Coupling of Excitons in Perovskites",, DR-NTU (Data), V1
Perovskites have been the focus of attention due to their multitude of outstanding optoelectronic properties and structural versatility. Two-dimensional halide perovskite such as (C6H5C2H4NH3)2PbI4, or simply PEPI, forms natural multiple quantum wells with enhanced lightmatter in...
Feb 25, 2021
Walukiewicz, Wladek; Wang, Shu; Wu, Xinchun; Li, Rundong; Sherburne, Matthew P.; Wu, Bo; Sum, Tze Chien; Ager, Joel W.; Asta, Mark D., 2021, "Replication Data for: The Bright Side and Dark Side of Hybrid Organic–Inorganic Perovskites",, DR-NTU (Data), V1
The previously developed bistable amphoteric native defect (BAND) model is used for a comprehensive explanation of the unique photophysical properties and for understanding the remarkable performance of perovskites as photovoltaic materials. It is shown that the amphoteric defect...
Apr 15, 2020
Park, In-Hyeok; Zhang, Qiannan; Kwon, Ki Chang; Zhu, Ziyu; Yu, Wei; Leng, Kai; Giovanni, David; Choi, Hwa Seob; Abdelwahab, Ibrahim; Xu, Qing-Hua; Sum, Tze Chien; Loh, Kian Ping, 2020, "Replication Data for: Ferroelectricity and Rashba Effect in a Two-Dimensional Dion-Jacobson Hybrid Organic–Inorganic Perovskite",, DR-NTU (Data), V1
Hybrid organic–inorganic perovskites (HOIPs) are a new generation of high-performance materials for solar cells and light emitting diodes. Beyond these applications, ferroelectricity and spin-related properties of HOIPs are increasingly attracting interests. The presence of stron...
Jun 11, 2019
Zhang, Qiannan; Solanki, Ankur; Parida, Kaushik; Giovanni, David; Li, Mingjie; Jansen,Thomas La Cour; Pshenichnikov, Maxim S.; Sum, Tze Chien, 2019, "Replication Data for: Tunable Ferroelectricity in Ruddlesden-Popper Halide Perovskites",, DR-NTU (Data), V1
Ruddlesden-Popper (RP) halide perovskites are the new kids on the block for high-performance perovskite photovoltaics with excellent ambient stability. The layered nature of these perovskites offers an exciting possibility of harnessing their ferroelectric property for photovolta...
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