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Aug 20, 2021
Kandammathe Valiyaveedu, Sreekanth, 2021, "Replication Data for: Giant enhancement in Goos-Hänchen shift at the singular phase of a nanophotonic cavity", https://doi.org/10.21979/N9/61WPFK, DR-NTU (Data), V1
In this letter, we experimentally demonstrate thirty-fold enhancement in Goos-Hänchen shift at the Brewster angle of a nanophotonic cavity that operates at the wavelength of 632.8 nm. In particular, the point-of-darkness and the singular phase are achieved using a four-layered me...
Aug 10, 2021
Kandammathe Valiyaveedu, Sreekanth, 2021, "Replication Data for: Generalized Brewster Angle Effect in Thin-Film Optical Absorbers and Its Application for Graphene Hydrogen Sensing", https://doi.org/10.21979/N9/E0CDQU, DR-NTU (Data), V1
Generalized Brewster angle (GBA) is the incidence angle at polarization by reflection for p- or s-polarized light takes place. Realizing s-polarization Brewster effect requires a material with magnetic response which is challenging at optical frequencies since the magnetic respon...
Jun 15, 2021 - THz metamaterials
Cong, Longqing; Singh, Ranjan, 2021, "Replication Data for: Spatiotemporal Dielectric Metasurfaces for Unidirectional Propagation and Reconfigurable Steering of Terahertz Beams", https://doi.org/10.21979/N9/7584ID, DR-NTU (Data), V1
Next-generation devices for low-latency and seamless communication are envisioned to revolutionize information processing, which would directly impact human lives, technologies, and societies. The ever-increasing demand for wireless data traffic can be fulfilled by the terahertz...
Jun 15, 2021 - THz metamaterials
Prakash Pitchappa; Abhishek Kumar; Saurav Prakash; Hariom Jani; Rohit Medwal; Mayank Mishra; Rajdeep Singh Rawat; Thirumalai Venkatesan; Nan Wang; Ranjan Singh, 2021, "Related data for: Volatile Ultrafast Switching at Multilevel Nonvolatile States of Phase Change Material for Active Flexible Terahertz Metadevices", https://doi.org/10.21979/N9/JFJJVP, DR-NTU (Data), V2
To be filled
Jun 10, 2021 - Han Song
Han, Song; Rybin, Mikhail V.; Pitchappa, Prakash; Srivastava, Yogesh Kumar; Kivshar, Yuri S; Singh, Ranjan, 2021, "Replication Data for: Guided-Mode Resonances in All-Dielectric Terahertz Metasurfaces", https://doi.org/10.21979/N9/E6QQAL, DR-NTU (Data), V1
Coupling of diffracted waves in gratings with the waveguide modes gives rise to the guided mode resonances (GMRs). The GMRs provide designer linewidth and resonance intensity amidst a broad background, and thus have been widely used for numerous applications in visible and infrar...
Jun 10, 2021 - Han Song
Han, Song; Cong, Longqing; Srivastava, Yogesh Kumar; Qiang, Bo; Rybin, Mikhail V; Kumar, Abhishek; Jain, Ravikumar; Lim, Wen Xiang; Achanta, Venu Gopal; Prabhu, Shriganesh S; Wang, Qijie; Kivshar, Yuri S; Singh, Ranjan, 2021, "Replication Data for: All-Dielectric Active Terahertz Photonics Driven by Bound States in the Continuum", https://doi.org/10.21979/N9/7W8PLG, DR-NTU (Data), V1
The remarkable emergence of all-dielectric meta-photonics governed by the physics of high-index dielectric materials offers a low-loss platform for efficient manipulation and subwavelength control of electromagnetic waves from microwaves to visible frequencies. Dielectric metasur...
Feb 18, 2021 - FU Jianhui
Fu, Jianhui, 2021, "Replication Data for: Strong Self-trapping by Deformation Potential Limits Photovoltaic Performance in Bismuth Double Perovskite", https://doi.org/10.21979/N9/LTPBM2, DR-NTU (Data), V1
Replication data for the paper including the raw data, processed data and figures. DOI: Sci. Adv. 2021; 7 : eabd3160
May 14, 2020 - Yogesh Kumar Srivastava
Srivastava, Yogesh Kumar; Ako, Rajour Tanyi; Gupta, Manoj; Bhaskaran, Madhu; Sriram, Sharath; Singh, Ranjan, 2020, "Replication Data for: Terahertz sensing of 7 nm dielectric film with bound states in the continuum metasurfaces", https://doi.org/10.21979/N9/45EWUQ, DR-NTU (Data), V1
The fingerprint spectral response of several materials with terahertz electromagnetic radiation indicates that terahertz technology is an effective tool for sensing applications. However, sensing few nanometer thin-films of dielectrics with much longer terahertz waves (1 THz = 0....
May 5, 2020 - Manukumara Manjappa
Manjappa, Manukumara; Solanki, Solanki; Kumar, Abhishek; Sum, Tze Chien; Singh, Ranjan, 2020, "Replication data: Solution‐Processed Lead Iodide for Ultrafast All‐Optical Switching of Terahertz Photonic Devices", https://doi.org/10.21979/N9/ELRXN4, DR-NTU (Data), V2, UNF:6:Us+ae5DF/P7Hrk8nuu8U6A== [fileUNF]
Solution‐processed lead iodide (PbI2) governs the charge transport characteristics in the hybrid metal halide perovskites. Besides being a precursor in enhancing the performance of perovskite solar cells, PbI2 alone offers remarkable optical and ultrasensitive photoresponsive pro...
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