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Sep 15, 2022 - Tan Yi Ji
Tan, Yi Ji, 2022, "Interfacial topological photonics: broadband silicon waveguides for THz 6G communication and beyond", https://doi.org/10.21979/N9/ZLKSN9, DR-NTU (Data), V1
MATLAB scripts and data for generating published figures.
Sep 15, 2022 - Tan Yi Ji
Tan, Yi Ji, 2022, "Self-adaptive deep reinforcement learning for THz beamforming with silicon metasurfaces in 6G communications", https://doi.org/10.21979/N9/WPX1SE, DR-NTU (Data), V1, UNF:6:FSzozXS+M4Gpea19nZlmkw== [fileUNF]
MATLAB scripts and data for generating published figures.
Jul 8, 2022 - Abhishek Kumar
Kumar, Abhishek; Gupta, Manoj; Pitchappa, Prakash; Tan, Yi Ji; Wang, Nan; Singh, Ranjan, 2022, "Replication Data for: Topological sensor on a silicon chip", https://doi.org/10.21979/N9/NDBWOX, DR-NTU (Data), V1, UNF:6:YtPvcwy2l19op0LmCXIy4w== [fileUNF]
An ultrasensitive photonic sensor is vital for sensing matter with absolute specificity. High specificity terahertz photonic sensors are essential for many fields, including medical research, clinical diagnosis, security inspection and probing molecular vibrations in all forms of...
May 13, 2022 - Piyush Agarwal
Agarwal Piyush; Yang Yingshu; Lourembam James; Medwal Rohit; Battiato Marco; Singh Ranjan, 2022, "Replication Data for: Terahertz Spintronic Magnetometer (TSM)", https://doi.org/10.21979/N9/WJDQAH, DR-NTU (Data), V1
A ferromagnetic metal consists of localized electrons and conduction electrons coupled through strong exchange interaction. Together, these localized electrons contribute to the magnetization of the system, while conduction electrons lead to the formation of spin and charge curre...
Mar 23, 2022 - THz metamaterials
Longqing, Cong; Han, Jiaguang; Zhang, Weili; Singh, Ranjan, 2022, "Replication Data for: Temporal loss boundary engineered photonic cavity", https://doi.org/10.21979/N9/EXZCGV, DR-NTU (Data), V1
Losses are ubiquitous and unavoidable in nature inhibiting the performance of most optical processes. Manipulating losses to adjust the dissipation of photons is analogous to braking a running car that is as important as populating photons via a gain medium. Here, we introduce th...
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