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Deposit, archive and share your final research data in DR-NTU (Data)

DR-NTU (Data) is the institutional open access research data repository for Nanyang Technological University (NTU). NTU researchers are encouraged to deposit, archive and share their final research data in DR-NTU (Data) in order to make their research data discoverable, accessible and reusable. To find out more about DR-NTU (Data), please click About or FAQ.

Deposit and publish data in DR-NTU (Data)

DR-NTU (Data) is open to NTU faculty, research staff and students. It is recommended that you deposit your datasets in your researcher or project sub-dataverse under your school/institute/research centre sub-dataverse.

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2. Click '+ Add Data' and select 'New Dataverse' to create your researcher or project sub-dataverse if you don't have one yet.

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21 Sep, 2018 - Yushen Long
Long, Yushen; Liu, Shuai; Xie, Lihua; Chen, Jie, 2018, "Stochastic Channel Allocation for Nonlinear Systems with Markovian Packet Dropout",, DR-NTU (Data), V3
This paper addresses a channel scheduling problem for group of dynamically decoupled nonlinear subsystems with actuators connected through digital communication channels and controlled by a centralized controller. Due to the limited communication capacity, only one channel can be...
Yushen Long (Nanyang Technological University)
18 Sep, 2018 Centre for System Intelligence and Efficiency (EXQUISITUS)
13 Sep, 2018 - Health Coaching
Sesagiri Raamkumar, Aravind; Shaik, Muhammad Amin; Bautista, John Robert; Theng, Yin-Leng, 2018, "Global Health and Wellness Coaching Training Programmes",, DR-NTU (Data), V1
This dataset contains basic details about global health and wellness coaching programmes. The dataset was generated during the month of June 2018. The terms "health coaching" and "wellness coaching" was used in Google search to identify the relevant web links.
Health Coaching(Nanyang Technological University)
13 Sep, 2018Centre for Healthy and Sustainable Cities (CHESS)
This dataverse is specifically for storing data sets related to the health coaching project
13 Sep, 2018 - Graham John Matthews
Matthews, Graham John; Sophia Hyder, 2018, "Singapore Illness Narratives",, DR-NTU (Data), V1
This is a dataset of illness narratives published in Singapore. The texts are categorised according to genre, language, year of publication, type of illness, ethnicity, and religious interest. Sub-categories include plays and poetry.
Graham John Matthews(Nanyang Technological University)
13 Sep, 2018School of Humanities
Appointment: Assistant Professor Research topics: •Postmodern Literature •Chinese Literature in English •Medical Humanities For more information, visit webpage
13 Sep, 2018 - Final Year Projects
Ng, Ken Jo, 2018, "Socially Aware Flocking - Simulation Code",, DR-NTU (Data), V1
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an increasingly important and popular topic not just within the field of Computer Science but also the world at large. One of the current challenges in the field of AI is multi-agent planning, of which Swarm Intelligence (SI) is a possible...
Final Year Projects(Nanyang Technological University)
13 Sep, 2018Zinovi Rabinovich
This dataverse contains research data produced by undergraduate students for their final year projects.
Zinovi Rabinovich (Nanyang Technological University)
13 Sep, 2018School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE)
Appointment: Assistant Professor Research topics: •Multi-agent Systems •Artificial Intelligence •Modelling of Manipulative Interaction •Perceptual Control and Emergent Behaviour For more information, visit webpage
10 Sep, 2018 - Sum Tze Chien
Chong, Wee Kiang; Thirumal, Krishnamoorthy; Giovanni, David; Goh, Teck Wee; Liu, Xinfeng; Mathews, Nripan; Mhaisalkar, Subodh; Sum, Tze Chien, 2018, "Data for: Dominant factors limiting the optical gain in layered two-dimensional halide perovskite thin films",, DR-NTU (Data), V1
Semiconductors are ubiquitous gain media for coherent light sources. Solution-processed three-dimensional (3D) halide perovskites (e.g., CH3NH3PbI3) with their outstanding room temperature optical gain properties are the latest members of this family. Their two-dimensional (2D) l...
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